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About Us

The EXODUS Network is a free REALTOR referral service and Relocation Service for the Christian community that also provides extensive Christian community information to the families who request it and who use our services. Agents who work with the EXODUS Network are thoroughly pre-screened and evaluated before we commit to working with them. They are all full time professionals with excellent client references and proven customer service practices. Agents come from all of the major real estate companies. This is a completely free service for families that are moving.


To serve and honor God though our service to moving families and to the REALTORS who are selected to represent our network. We will work to provide the resources so that families who are moving are able to meet their home sale and purchase goals, will move with peace of mind, can receive support from the Christian community and can find their niche for serving God as quickly as possible in their new communities if that is their desire. We are eager to serve all families who request our service and are not in any way exclusive to the Christian community.


At the EXODUS Network, we have a three-fold mission:

To provide exceptional customer service to families, who are buying or selling a home. First of all, we connect them with a prescreened REALTOR of integrity who will professionally guide them through every step in their transaction while being supportive of their values! In addition, EXODUS also seeks to provide extensive community information and resources specifically focusing on the Christian community when people request that information.

To provide REALTORS, who earn the designation of Selected Agent, expanded opportunities to serve buyers and sellers. EXODUS also seeks to support REALTORS in their pursuit of excellence and as servants of Christ in their vocation.

To challenge and provide resources to the broader Christian community; encouraging them to create welcoming communities for families new to the community and/or for those who have newly joined the family of Christ.

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