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Link to USA Church Directory

The number of people who are not connected to a church in the USA has doubled since 1991!
Consider this quote from the George Barna website,

“Since 1991, the adult population in the United States has grown by 15%. During that same period the number of adults who do not attend church has nearly doubled, rising from 39 million to 75 million - a 92% increase!

These startling statistics come from the most recent tracking study of religious behavior conducted by The Barna Group, a company that follows trends related to faith, culture and leadership in America. The latest study shows that the percentage of adults that is unchurched - defined as not having attended a Christian church service, other than for a holiday service, such as Christmas or Easter, or for special events such as a wedding or funeral, at any time in the past six months - has risen from 21% in 1991 to 34% today.”

There are lots of reasons for the problem--but you can sure it is easy and convenient for people to search for church information by adding our national church directory to your website. Of course it won’t cause a direct impact on the above statistic, but information is power, and you arm people who come to visit your website with the ability to connect to church information. Who knows what they might be going through when they visit your site.  A church connection might be just what they need! 

There are two ways that you can add the Church Directory on your website.

Choose between two options:


Put a free link to the church directory on your web site. If you choose this option, you will be able to choose the image that you want to use and you will simply copy some code that we supply and paste the code on your web page. The image will show up and will link directly to the church directory. See an example



Integrate the directory into your web site so it looks like it is a page of your site. (Annual fee - $100*)
-You can have your webmaster (or ours) create a “framed page” which would have the header from your own web site and they you can insert the church directory right into your own web site. With this “integrated option” the site visitor will always see the header from your web site. (Any programming you request us to do will be done for a charge of $45/hour. The annual fee is separate from any programming fees)  See an example


We would also like to give you a gift!


We also want to give you the gift of daily encouragement.  We would like to offer you a free devotional called Today God Is First. It focuses on integrating Christ into the workplace.  You can receive it every day or whenever day you choose.  You can feel free to give it away to any of your friends or colleagues as well.  We appreciate you and want to encourage you as you join us to build the Kingdom!  Click here to signup for the devotional.  

May we make one more request?
Will you please make sure that your church information is included in our National Directory?  Please send  the link to the directory to your Pastor or Office Administrator and encourage them to add the information about your church.  We want to make sure that people who are looking for a church know about your church!

Click here if you are a church leader and want to add information about your church.
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