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What is the Main Thing?
Using technology to God's Glory

I have heard many people talk about how technology is removing people from relationships!  I agree with those folks to a point.  When I think about how many hours kids spend watching TV instead of playing outdoors with their friends, or how many hours 2 friends will sit in silence next to each other with controls in their hands while their eyes are glued to an X-box I, too, am not excited by technology. 

But I have also come to recognize the power of technology!  I was able to develop and single-handedly run the EXODUS Network out of my house for a couple of years because of the power of technology.  We have built a remarkable data storehouse and created systems for communication which would never have been possible even 3 or 4 years ago.  

Today, we are finding that many, many relationships have their start through technology!  There are many on line dating services that are completely technology based in the initial stages,  there are lots of social networking opportunities such as myspace and facebook, and most people now do a good percentage of the looking for a home from the comfort of their computer chair (although a solid majority of the home buyers hire the services of a REALTOR to look at their narrowed down list of homes and to complete the transaction.)

Make sure that your church or school is using the power of technology to make the first connection with your next members or constituents.  The next couple of  issues of our newsletter will give a few "techy solutions"  that are free or nearly free.  I have chosen the "easiest to implement" options too so your learning curves won't be too steep. 

Today we will focus on blogging!  Check out the details and start a blog yet this summer. 

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 Welcome at Church
7 Reasons to Blog

 Welcome at School
Top 6 ways to use a Blog!

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Are there new folks moving into your neighborhood?

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