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Are you or someone you know planning a move?

Make the transition easier, friendlier, healthier.

Moving always produces tension. Moving into a new community can be even more stressful. However, the EXODUS Network can make the move and transition much easier.

The FREE services of the EXODUS Network are designed to help moving individuals and families meet the best people that can get them the right information to make their transition as easy and welcoming as possible. We will connect you with the best REALTORŪ to help you purchase or sell a home. You will be able to gather Christian community information!

If you are moving or know of someone who is, don’t do it alone! Let EXODUS help you move with peace of mind
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This form will be submitted to the EXODUS Network and will be held in strictest confidence. An EXODUS Representative will contact the person(s) moving and will explain our FREE services. There is no obligation for the individual to use the services and there is no charge for the EXODUS services. Anyone not interested in the services will be removed from all follow-up if requested. These names and email addresses are not sold or given to anyone without permission

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  Featured Articles  
 Welcome at Church
Making Kid Friendly Welcome Packets

 Welcome at School
Summer student recruiting ideas - prepare now

 Welcome at Home
Neighborhood Introductions

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