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It is important to receive people warmly when they visit for the first time.  As a Christian community we are becoming more and more aware of the need to create an atmosphere that welcomes visitors to church or people who are inquiring about school.  It is much more difficult to develop long lasting relationships.  It is a real challenge to "MAKE ROOM"  for the gifts and insights of people who are new to the community.  That takes a systematic, disciplined approach and it takes humility on the part of the leadership of the church or school. 

People who are new to the community look at things with fresh eyes and hear things with fresh ears.  Those of us who are "settled" into the community need to create opportunities to listen, to ask questions and make room for the gifts that God has given them.  Today's article for churches deals with creating a systematic plan to follow up with the visitor over the course of a couple months.  The article for the schools focuses on new families that have jonied the school community.  The article suggests having the school board members make phone calls to the new families.  Read it to find out why.  Don't forget to check out the tools that are included with each article.   

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Welcome Gift Pack for Young Families  



Featured Articles
Welcome at Church
Welcoming Includes Good Follow up
A Sample Follow Up Plan
Welcome at School
Board Phone Calls to New Families
Reinforce their welcome and learn from their impressions
Welcome at Home
Perennial Exchange
Building Neighborhood Community
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  Featured Articles  
 Welcome at Church
Welcoming Includes Good Follow up

 Welcome at School
Board Phone Calls to New Families

 Welcome at Home
Perennial Exchange

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