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Welcome at School
Board Phone Calls to New Families
Reinforce their welcome and learn from their impressions

Well, school has started and hopefully there are a few new families in your school!   Making sure that you retain the new families is an important step for the continued growth for your school system. 


Often a school spends a good amount of time, energy and money “recruiting” new students, but doesn’t put the same amount of attention towards “retaining” the families.  One way to retain families is to make sure that you connect with them AND give them “access” to the community!  Access often comes through the sharing of information, by helping them realize that you “are pleased” they have joined you and in asking for and respecting their opinions, and by making room for them to get involved as a volunteer.


One way to connect with the new families is to divide all the new families between your board members so that each family receives a phone call from a Board member.   Having a Board member call helps the family understand that you value them, and a phone call after school starts is a great time to share some information about getting involved.  We've attached a form that can be used for those calls below.


An additional benefit of having the board members connect with the new families is that new families can be very instrumental in highlighting some of the really positive things that happen at school.  There are many things which parents who are really familiar with the school take for granted but which stand out to new families.   Board members can “capture some quotes” from the new families to use in the promotions during the year. 


New families can also be very valuable to helping the school change where necessary.  They often bring a new awareness of some of the barriers to growth at the school.   If you ask them what has been/is challenging about moving into the new school, you may discover some places where change needs to happen. 


Happy phone calling!!! 


Board Member calls to New Families


This article and the accompanying resource is one of the articles from the Welcoming Community email newsletter.  This newsletter is published about 8 times a year by the EXODUS Network in order to support churches, Christian schools and neighbors in their desire to become more welcoming communities! The newsletter provides articles and ready to use tools to ensure that families who are moving and are new to schools or churches are warmly welcomed. 


The EXODUS Network is a Christian community relocation service that offers a free service that connects moving families with information about the Christian community and with REALTORS in local communities who are Christian community specialists.


The EXODUS Network has also created a national directory called Be sure to create a free account for your school at so that families who are moving will be able to find your school! You’ll want to add your information even if you have your own website –in fact you can put a link to your own website along with your school’s information.  This ChristianSchoolSearch directory will soon be available on many REALTOR and Christian business websites.  It is FREE MARKETING for your school! You can sign up to receive the next issue of Welcoming Community when you add your school.


The Christian School Directory along with a nationwide church directory ( or CanadaChurchSearch,com) are free because they are sponsored by local REALTORS who are Selected Agents of the EXODUS Network across the country.  Hopefully, when you know of families from your school who may be moving, you will encourage them to call the EXODUS Network so they can be connected to the Selected Agent (there is NO CHARGE).  These moving families will be able to use a wide variety of tools and resources, including lots of Moving Resources and a complete move organizer that helps you get everything organized for your move. 


EXODUS Network selected agents are from the various real estate companies.  We thoroughly prescreen individual agents for professionalism, service and commitment. 


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Reinforce their welcome and learn from their impressions
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Welcoming Includes Good Follow up

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Board Phone Calls to New Families

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