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I have been talking to a number of church and Christian school leaders lately.  I enjoy that!  I have been a teacher and board member in a Christian school, an Elder and leader in our local church and I currently serve on the Board of Trustees of a fairly large Christian college. I can relate to the issues that face the Church and the Christian school.  Both institutions are trying to build the kingdom of God.  Both institutions are looking for ways to reach new people! 

My commitment to helping equip churches and Christian schools with powerful technology in order to "get the word out" is one of the major reasons that we created three web directories;, and  With our new directories, we are making it possible for churches and Christian schools to reach a new market -- the Internet searcher looking for a new church or school.

Many of the leaders that I have talked to have told me about their websites when I explain about the web directory.  They are excited to tell me that they "are technologically set" --that they have a web presence.  Many of those leaders are misled into believing that "having a website" is all they need. It has been fun explaining that having a web presence is indeed a good first step!  But it is only that -- it is only a first step.  It has been encouraging to talk to some of the leaders and see them understand that a web directory like USAChurchSearch is a free tool that they can easily use to become more effective and reach more people!  Our websites are "designed for new people"!   We have put most of the important info that a person needs to decide if they want to visit on one page, and that page contains the same information in the same place for every church or school.  They don't have to spend hours doing multiple web searches or searching various website to find the times of worship, or in the case of a school, to see what grades are offered.  They can find that information quickly about each organization.  When a family desires more information, the links to  the church's or school's personal website are readily available.  We are eager for them to spend more time searching out the details. 

But our directories are designed to help leaders in even more ways!  One of the unique features of the web directories is that people can create a request for information which can be sent immediately to any church or school of their choice and which contains a profile about their family.  A church (or school) will get a request for information that gives much of the information that you want to collect about a new family and which states the specific needs or wants of the family. This presents a great opportunity to share how your church or school best meets those needs!

The directory is great for the family too.  Not only do they get an easy to use resource, because because they alerted organizations and requested information there are people who are expecting their visit!  They have a much higher chance of being warmly welcomed and enfolded! They will feel as though they were important.   

Our directories are very young and we are not a huge ministry.  We need your help!  We need you to log into the directory and make sure that your organization's information is up to date and complete.  We also need you to help us get the word out and SEND people who are moving to our directories!  Finally, please request that other churches in your community or denomination add their info.

Together we can use technology to build the kingdom.  To God be the glory!      

PS  Remember that there is NO FEE to add your information. 

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 Welcome at Church
Will they come back?

 Welcome at School
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Has a new family moved into your neighborhood?

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