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Making the Transition

Moving with children can be difficult.  We have provided this information to help make the transition as smooth as possible for children and their parents when relocation becomes a necessity.

  • Shoot a video of your departure home or take a picture of the child(ren) in each room before you begin packing.
  • Buy a scrap book or get a large shoe box to be a memory book or box. Allow the child to collect items/pictures of significance.
  • Collect autographs and addresses of friends and take pictures of the children with their friends for the memory book.
  • Have a good-bye party for the child’s friends. Before the party, purchase a plain tee-shirt or sweatshirt. Allow your child’s friends to autograph the shirt with a permanent marker. In the case of younger friends, allow them to “hand print” the shirt. (For a hand print autograph, fabric paint is available in most craft or fabric stores. An adult should paint the child’s hand with a brush. The painted hand is then placed on the shirt to “autograph” it. An adult can sign the child’s name near the print if the child cannot write.) With older kids you might also begin a “I remember when” conversation. You’ll have lots of fun remembering old times. (A secret taping of this conversation might make some lonely days in the new location pass more quickly. Prepare cards with the child’s name, new address and phone number and attach to the back of a current picture of the child. Have the child pass out the pictures.
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  • Upon arrival in your new neighborhood, allow phone calls to old friends to tell of arrival and get news of “home”. New friends take time; loneliness can be temporarily forgotten with calls to old friends.

  • Write letters or send pictures to old friends. A return letter or picture means so much! (Before you move, you, as parent, might call the parents of your child(ren)'s friends to ask them to "encourage" their child(ren) to write too.

  • Visit or write to the Chamber of Commerce and gather promotional brochures about the area. Plan a few “visits” for after you are settled
  • When you visit the new community, go on a FUN HUNT! Though it is not usually practical to take the children along on home tours with your REALTOR®, take the children on a separate ride and look for all the places where you will be able to have fun; i.e. the playgrounds, schools, bike paths, libraries, museums, etc. Allow the children to make props (binoculars out of toilet paper tubes, or find a “hunters” hat to wear on the hunt) for additional fun and development of imagination!
  • Take pictures when you are visiting the neighborhood of the new house, school, etc. Let your child make his/her own scrapbook of the new home and community. It will be great to show friends in the community you are leaving.
  • Find your favorite fast food restaurant and have lunch—a reminder that some things are the same no matter what location!
  • While en route to your new home, stop and buy a postcard of all the interesting places on the way or near your city. Allow the children to keep a journal on the back of the postcards. Punch a hole in the corner of the postcards and slip a metal ring through to keep them together.
  • Contact the teacher in the new school. Ask him/her to have a few of the students send letters. (This might even be good before the move actually takes place!)
  • Keep a diary of “FIRSTS” in your new location. Make a visit to the new school or classroom as soon as possible after arrival to put fears of the unknown to rest. Request the school to assign one student to orientate your child.
  • Assist your child in inviting new acquaintances over to play with calls to their parents regarding a visit. Invite whole families with children of similar age to visit.
  • Find activities for your child to participate in that will help them meet new children; i.e. boys/ girls clubs, athletic teams, swimming lessons, music, art or drama classes, etc.
  • Go together as a family to immediate neighbors if they have not already stopped by to welcome you!
  • Try to find a family at church that might help answer any questions you and the children may have about your new community. Usually your church secretary or pastor will be able to give you some names.
  • Write a letter about all the new discoveries, photocopy it and send it to all the “old friends.”
  • Be sure to fill out the Emergency Information Card and keep it by your phone so that your child(ren) and/or their baby-sitters will have all the necessary information in case of emergency. Filling out the sheet will give you a good excuse to visit your new neighbors to introduce yourself and get their phone numbers for the sheet. Be sure to ask them if they know where any children about your children’s ages may live in your new neighborhood.

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