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FREE Relocation Services for families in the USA and Canada.
Christian Community Specialists!

Agent Resources

Bookmark this page and check back often as we will be adding resources on a regular basis!

Miscellaneous Resources


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Phone Systems for small offices.

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Real Estate Resources

Send a referral through the EXODUS Network
    Find an EXODUS agent for your client
Join the Real Estate CyberSpace Society
Get access to lots of Agent tools for one annual fee

Selected Agent Resources

Agent Profile
    Maintain your profile as a selected agent with the EXODUS Network
Selected Agent Manual
    Reference materials for Selected Agents who are members of the EXODUS Network
Referral Progress Report
    Keep EXODUS informed on how your referral is progressing
Prepare a Great Packet for a buyer new to your city
    DMV Info - link to our site
Serve the local Church
    Update the local church listings and resources for service
Serve the local Christian schools
    Update the local school listings and resources for service
Become a Welcoming Endorsed agent
    Commit to the ministry of hospitality
Keep in touch with clients/customers
    Follow-up resources and ideas
Link to EXODUS
    Display your status as a selected agent with the EXODUS Network and link to our site.
Send "Classy" branded email and MLS listings from any computer or your wireless device Huge EXODUS discount! Regularly $75 a year for all 3 options -- EXODUS special is ONLY $19.95 FOR ALL 3 options! Use the office code of CVEXO to get the discount when you purchase. (It will automatically change the price for you before you pay!)
Free Color Printer

Financial Resources

Tax Help for Small Businesses:
    Get specific assistance and information directly from the IRS.
Tax Forms and Publications:
    Select and download any IRS form or publication.

Promotional Resources

    The comprehensive process prepared by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.
Small Business Terms
    Visit The Business Glossary to familiarize yourself with business and industry terms. Organized alphabetically.
Domestic Postal Rates
    Calculate postal rates for domestic mailings.

Computer Resources

Shareware on the Internet
    Provide both search and browse features.
Virus Protection
    Don't let a virus destroy your computer data. Subscribe to the same service we use for protection!
Gateway Computers

Business Resources

Library of Solutions: The How-To Company is creating a library of solutions to problems, projects, and tasks for small business. In addition to these step-by-step solutions, the company is creating related educational content to enrich your learning experience.
Nolo Legal information online.
Legal Documents Online: This site offers the ability to generate many legal documents online. Many are free and others vary in cost from $2.50 to $27.75. Samples are provided for review.
Legal Information Online: Visit the Small Business Law Center and a lot more on this web site.
Independent Contractor:Frequently Ask Questions on hiring an independent contractor. Cover the IRS definition of Independent Contractors.
Government Printing Office: Provides search capability for finding publications in the GPO. Suggest you first review "helpful hints."
Chamber of Commerce Finder: Find your nearest Chamber of Commerce.
Business Plan: Prepared by the Small Business Administration. This is an easy to follow, step-by-step approach for this complex subject. It offers a a self paced activity that can be downloaded or viewed online.
Business Publications: Search online for articles from current business publications.
Big Yellow: A very good site to Find businesses, Find people or Email .

Strategic Partners
  Meet some of our partners and even suggest others!
Client Referral
  Keep EXODUS informed on how your referral is progressing.
Automated office tools
Autoresponders and tools to assure communication on a regular basis.

-You listened to my needs and met them. The REALTORﳵp> EXODUS Recommended was such a godly person who went far beyond the call of duty.
Tim and Deb Hansen,

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Organize Your Move
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Refer a family
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The EXODUS Network Abides by all the practices of the Fair Housing Law
The EXODUS Network is a licensed, Brokered network in the state of Michigan.

Annual Renewal as a Selected REALTORﳵp> is dependent on integrity, maintaining exemplary customer service and professionalism. The EXODUS Network selects individual agents, not entire companies. All referrals to these agents are given through a licensed Broker. Referrals are given to agents who pass through the screening, evaluation & annual renewal process.

* Definition of Staff: Selected Agents are NOT staff of the EXODUS Network. They are independent contractors who have been prescreened and continually submit to our strict evaluation processes regarding their customer service, integrity, professionalism and real estate.

Selected Agents are individual REALTORSﳵp> all around the country. EXODUS referrals are passed from EXODUS' Broker to the licensed Broker that a Selected Agent is affiliated and licensed with. Becoming an EXODUS Selected Agent allows these agents to receive referrals from EXODUS, without changing their affiliation with their local broker.

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