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EXODUS Network Selected Agents. Expect the best! 800-395-8556

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FREE Relocation Services for families in the USA and Canada.
Christian Community Specialists!

Selected Agents & Our Criteria

"Selected Agent" is the designation given to the highly recommended real estate agents who pass an extensive prescreening process by the EXODUS Network. Any Real Estate Agent who is referred by the EXODUS Network to a family who is moving has passed through the prescreening process.

What is a Selected Agent?:

Selected Agents are all full-time, fully licensed professionals who work for a licensed Broker in their state. Each of the agents in the Network have reviewed our Statement of Core Values, and have committed to work with the utmost integrity and honesty. Selected Agents are committed to maintaining their professional education, and most hold a variety of professional real estate designations. In addition, their services are continually evaluated by EXODUS staff, and by the moving families they work with.

We're proud of the record of service and integrity of each of our Selected Agents. We'd be happy to recommend one to you to help you buy or sell a home!

What Selected Agents Offer:

    Each agent commits to work with the utmost integrity and honesty.
    Hundreds of satisfied families have purchased or sold their home with an EXODUS Selected Agent.
    Selected Agents are great marketers! Many use the latest in technology to help you achieve your goals.
    Selected Agents can provide you with information about community organizations, churches and schools.
    EXODUS prescreens each agent and consults with his or her recent customer/clients before acceptance.
    Many Selected Agents have advanced real estate designations.
    The average Selected Agent has been in real estate for over 10 years.


The EXODUS Network is selective about the agents we give referrals to. We are unlike other referral services in that we do not make agreements with entire companies. We choose specific agents to handle our referrals and we prescreen and check references for each agent who is associated with us.

Many Selected Agents are referred to EXODUS by customers who have been pleased with their service. Before joining the network, each prospective agent is interviewed and submits information about his or her training and production, as well as the names of several of the families whom s/he has recently helped. EXODUS contacts these previous customer/clients to inquire about the quality of service this agent provided.
EXODUS renews "Selected Agent" status on an annual basis after evaluating an agent's customer service record, integrity, professionalism and knowledge of real estate. EXODUS staff also follow up with families who are currently working with Selected Agents track feedback from these ongoing evaluations. If EXODUS staff are not satisfied with the caliber of service an agent provides, the agent's status may be revoked, or simply not renewed the following year.

Our goal is that every person is completely satisfied with the Selected Agent we recommend to them. Recognizing we cannot always match personalities on first try, we will continue to work with the buyer or seller until they are comfortable. We are looking for the best REALTORS around the country and we're finding them! Contact us to get connected with a Selected Agent, whether you need to buy or sell!

Criteria for Selected  Agents:

REALTOR must meet the following criteria to become a Selected Agent:
  • Be a full time REALTOR.
  • Work with integrity and honesty in all transactions.
  • Have excellent references from satisfied past customers and clients.
  • Provide exceptional customer service and follow-up to all families.
  • Be prompt in returning phone calls.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Effectively use email to communicate and check email at least daily.
  • Be Internet active.
  • Be willing to sponsor the Church and Christian School Database in up to 5 zip codes where they serve buyers and sellers

Selected Agents sponsor a Church and Christian School Database in 5 zip codes where they serve buyers and sellers.

It has been estimated that up to 30% of families who relocate do not reconnect with a church! Gathering information about churches is often a struggle for these families. We are committed to making church information readily available to families who seek it. The databases which are sponsored by EXODUS Selected Agents are:

When working with BUYERS the agent agrees to:
  • Completely explain the various options for working with or representing a buyer (Buyer Agency, etc.)
  • Send out a complete moving packet about the community if the family is moving from outside of the area including an initial list of homes on the market meeting their criteria.
  • Provide Christian community information as requested by clients/customers.
  • Ensure that the Buyer is qualified for purchasing a home.
  • Provide a list of homes meeting the buyer's criteria on a regular basis once the family is able to purchase a home.
  • Provide market research for the buyer when they are considering making an offer on a home.
When working with SELLERS the agent agrees to:
  • Provide a FREE Comparative Market Analysis and written marketing plan
  • Provide a list of showing hints and suggestions for helping the property show well.
  • Enter the home into the Multiple Listing Service system.
  • Advertise the home on a regular basis through a variety of venues.
  • Follow-up on all showings and report responses to seller.
  • Call the seller at least once a week to update them even when there are no showings to report.


EXODUS is a great resource organization! We were very pleased with our experience with the EXODUS Network and would recommend you to anyone planning to relocate!

-Linda and Scott Saunder

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The EXODUS Network Abides by all the practices of the Fair Housing Law
The EXODUS Network is a licensed, Brokered network in the state of Michigan.

Annual Renewal as a Selected REALTORﳵp> is dependent on integrity, maintaining exemplary customer service and professionalism. The EXODUS Network selects individual agents, not entire companies. All referrals to these agents are given through a licensed Broker. Referrals are given to agents who pass through the screening, evaluation & annual renewal process.

* Definition of Staff: Selected Agents are NOT staff of the EXODUS Network. They are independent contractors who have been prescreened and continually submit to our strict evaluation processes regarding their customer service, integrity, professionalism and real estate.

Selected Agents are individual REALTORSﳵp> all around the country. EXODUS referrals are passed from EXODUS' Broker to the licensed Broker that a Selected Agent is affiliated and licensed with. Becoming an EXODUS Selected Agent allows these agents to receive referrals from EXODUS, without changing their affiliation with their local broker.

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