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How is it free? Learn more about the EXODUS Network! Expect the best! 800-395-8556

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FREE Relocation Services for families in the USA and Canada.
Christian Community Specialists!

How can the services of the
EXODUS Network be FREE?

We do not charge anything for our services, which include prescreening REALTORS, connecting you with a real estate agent, following up on each referral, evaluating each agent, or sending moving and community information. In fact, all of our services are free to families and individuals who are moving. In light of that, we ask for serious buyer and seller inquiries only, please!

We do not charge clients for our referral services.  Instead, we receive reimbursement for our services when our agent helps you purchase or sell a home.

First, we need to explain how REALTORS are paid.
REALTORS are not paid hourly wages. REALTORS only receive wages, in the form of a commission, when they are successful in helping assist a buyer or seller to complete a housing transaction. The commission they earn when they help someone to close a housing transaction, is usually based on a percentage of the sale price. (This percentage varies from state to state.) If you work with a REALTOR but do not purchase or sell a home through him/her, no compensation is earned.

How does this impact how EXODUS gets paid? When EXODUS refers a family to a prescreened Selected Agent, and the Selected Agent is successful in helping the family purchase or sell a home, the REALTOR earns a commission and agrees to share a part of the commission s/he earns with the EXODUS Network. This does not increase the price of the home or the rate of commission in any way.

We think you will agree EXODUS offers you a great opportunity and increases your Peace of Mind when you allow EXODUS to prescreen an Agent for YOU! EXODUS gives you the assurance that you are working with someone who is a full time professional, comes highly recommended, has a proven track record, and is committed to service.

We do have two favors to ask:
1. Please give our agents and the EXODUS Network a fair chance to serve you.

When a Selected Agent is assigned to a moving family, that agent will begin working right away to research the home you are wanting to sell, or the new neighborhood(s) you are interested in moving to. Our agents are committed to offering the best service possible and this requires adequate preparation for each family, even before contact is made. The EXODUS Network also begins working as soon as you make the first phone call to us! Please help us help our Selected Agents by requesting to work with an Agent only if you are seriously considering buying or selling a home and will give our REALTOR a fair chance to work with you. There is no obligation to use a Selected Agent that we recommend, but we do request that you honor our efforts by responding when our agent(s) call you, by being forthright about your housing situation and by allowing the agent an opportunity to present his/her services to you (preferably in a face to face meeting)! If you are considering a job offer or relocation, we are happy to provide our services even before you are completely sure that you will be moving. We understand that often housing plays a very important part in making the decision about whether you will move. We want to help you make that determination! We are simply asking that we get serious inquiries and that those who inquire not just inquire out of curiosity! Thanks in advance for your integrity! If you are simply curious about our services, keep exploring our website, or give us a call and we will be happy to explain more about our services!

2. Please let us know about your progress.
We value your input and want to make sure that your needs are being met. We also need to know whether you have closed on a sale, decided not to move, or chosen not to work with the Selected Agent we recommended. We realize that personality issues may sometimes arise, even with very professional and successful agents. Simply call us and inform us, even if you haven't made a final decision about whether you should work with the agent or not. We can recommend another agent and we will work with you until you are happy with the agent you are working with.

We will send periodic requests by mail, e-mail or occasionally a phone call. Please take a minute or two to respond to these requests and keep us updated on your progress.

3. One more thing! Please tell you friends about us!
Our network of over 500 quality agents are located all over the country! If you have a friend or acquaintance who is moving, would you pass our name along to them? You can also request that we contact them to explain our services. We appreciate your recommendations! A referral is one of the best compliment we can receive.

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This message is to first thank you for such a wonderful ministry! Our superb REALTORﳵp> Don has gone far and above the call of duty as a REALTORﳵp>.

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The EXODUS Network Abides by all the practices of the Fair Housing Law
The EXODUS Network is a licensed, Brokered network in the state of Michigan.

Annual Renewal as a Selected REALTORﳵp> is dependent on integrity, maintaining exemplary customer service and professionalism. The EXODUS Network selects individual agents, not entire companies. All referrals to these agents are given through a licensed Broker. Referrals are given to agents who pass through the screening, evaluation & annual renewal process.

* Definition of Staff: Selected Agents are NOT staff of the EXODUS Network. They are independent contractors who have been prescreened and continually submit to our strict evaluation processes regarding their customer service, integrity, professionalism and real estate.

Selected Agents are individual REALTORSﳵp> all around the country. EXODUS referrals are passed from EXODUS' Broker to the licensed Broker that a Selected Agent is affiliated and licensed with. Becoming an EXODUS Selected Agent allows these agents to receive referrals from EXODUS, without changing their affiliation with their local broker.

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