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The Home Buying Process with the EXODUS Network - 800-395-8556

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FREE Relocation Services for families in the USA and Canada.
Christian Community Specialists!

Buy or Sell a Home using an EXODUS Selected Agent

Let us take you through the process
of using a Selected Agent to buy or sell your home or property.

Before you begin searching for a new home, contact us and we will refer you to a great REALTOR« FREE of charge! Because this service is FREE, however, we ask that you only respond if you are seriously intending to purchase a home and will sincerely consider using the agent we refer to you. Here's how the process works:

  1. Complete the on-line form, or e-mail us, or call us at 800-395-8556 and speak to a referral specialist. (Please, only submit this information if you are seriously intending to purchase a home and will sincerely consider using the agent that we refer to you).
  2. We will call you and provide you with the name of an EXODUS Network Selected Agent in that community that we think will best serve you. If we currently have no Selected Agents in the area where you need assistance, we locate and approve a new agent for you. This search and prescreening process usually takes about a week.
  3. We will call you with the name and contact information of the REALTOR« that we recommend to you.
  4. We will give the Selected Agent your name and s/he should contact you within 24 hours.
  5. The Selected Agent is your local expert and will provide you with information you need to begin looking for your new home
  6. Family Profile Packets  -Every family or individual that locates a real estate agent through the EXODUS Network receives a packet of information from the EXODUS Network. These packets contain the name and contact information of their Selected Agent, information about buying and selling a home, information about The EXODUS Network, and some tools for the relocating party to use to get information about the Christian and public schools, churches and community. Selected vendors are also allowed to provide helpful information to referred parties through these packets.
  7. You will need to do the following :
      • Get pre-qualified for a mortgage or show how you intend to finance a home-this does not need to happen before contacting EXODUS, we can provide assistance with this also.
      • Provide the agent with the time frame for your move
      • Tell the agent what you are looking for in a home
      • Check out our relocation resources to help you get additional information and free tools to help you prepare for your move
  8. We ask that you call or e-mail us to let us know the agent has contacted you. If we do not hear from you, we will call you within 2 - 3 days to confirm the agent has contacted you. If you are not satisfied with this agent please inform us and we will work with you until you are satisfied.
  9. You and your Selected Agent will maintain contact throughout the time frame of your planned purchase and work through the process of purchasing a home. If you just don't feel comfortable with this agent, let us know and we'll be happy to recommend another agent in the area.
  10. We usually follow up with the agent on a monthly basis. We will send you occasional e-mails, and may call you to see how things are going. Feel free to let us know about your progress or if you have any questions or concerns.


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We felt The REALTOR´│Áp> EXODUS recommended was extremely patient

-Dirk and Libbi Williams

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The EXODUS Network Abides by all the practices of the Fair Housing Law
The EXODUS Network is a licensed, Brokered network in the state of Michigan.

Annual Renewal as a Selected REALTOR´│Áp> is dependent on integrity, maintaining exemplary customer service and professionalism. The EXODUS Network selects individual agents, not entire companies. All referrals to these agents are given through a licensed Broker. Referrals are given to agents who pass through the screening, evaluation & annual renewal process.

* Definition of Staff: Selected Agents are NOT staff of the EXODUS Network. They are independent contractors who have been prescreened and continually submit to our strict evaluation processes regarding their customer service, integrity, professionalism and real estate.

Selected Agents are individual REALTORS´│Áp> all around the country. EXODUS referrals are passed from EXODUS' Broker to the licensed Broker that a Selected Agent is affiliated and licensed with. Becoming an EXODUS Selected Agent allows these agents to receive referrals from EXODUS, without changing their affiliation with their local broker.

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