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Buy a home with one Realtor - Use an EXODUS Network agent

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Buying a Home

Why should I commit to working with ONE agent when I want to purchase a home?

Some buyers think that it is to their advantage to work with several agents when they are looking for a home. They believe that if they have several agents looking for a home to meet their needs, they will save time and be more likely to find the right home. Usually the opposite is true.

REALTORS« only get paid when they help someone purchase or sell a home. They don't get paid by the hour. Searching for the right home takes a good deal or time, energy and a good system. When a buyer uses many agents to "see who comes up with the right house," each agent is likely to be less motivated to put time and energy into searching. Since the buyer has not expressed loyalty to the agent, the agent will likely not be motivated to spend much time looking when the chances are s/he won't be paid.

If a buyer does express his loyalty to an agent, either through a buyer agency contract or by verbally committing to work with her, the REALTOR« is motivated to spend much more time to find, research and show homes to the buyer. A REALTOR« can help you buy any home that is listed in the Multiple Listing Service by any Broker. You do not need to deal with the listing agent on every house. In fact, the closer you work with a single agent, the better s/he gets to know your needs and wants.

Commit to working with one agent to receive the best service. Consider finding an agent who meets the following criteria:

  • Is of utmost integrity and honesty - All EXODUS Network REALTORS« agree to provide service based on integrity and honesty. We follow up on our referrals to confirm their commitment.
  • Is full-time - Full-time professionals are typically able to provide more extensive and timely information. Their livelihood depends on doing a great job! All EXODUS REALTORS« are full-time.
  • Is a member of the MLS - Any REALTOR« you work with should be a member of the local Multiple Listing Service. This gives this person the ability to research and show you ANY home that is listed through a real estate company in that area.
  • Is someone who you feel comfortable with - You should choose an agent who has a personality that you can relate to. Sometimes the chemistry between agents and families is not right. If this is the case with an agent who is referred by the EXODUS Network, just call us at 1-800-395-8556, and we will refer you to another agent. We believe you should feel comfortable with the professional working for you, and we will work with you until you are.
  • Is someone who listens to you and understands your needs and wants - A good REALTOR« will listen to you and show you homes that are suited to your needs and wants. One effective way to communicate these wants and needs is the Buyer Profile sheet.
  • Will provide you with information about new houses on the market on a regular basis - Many of the multiple listing services around the country enable agents to do searches to find homes that meet specific criteria. A REALTOR« should be willing to alert you of newly available homes a regular, timely basis.(This service is primarily for the 'serious buyer,' or someone who is ready and able to purchase a home. This does not necessarily include people who are waiting for a home to sell before they can purchase another, people who are not pre-qualified for a loan, or for other reasons are not able to purchase a home in the immediate future.)

-Without you we would never have been so confident! He really listened to our needs heÓíáterrific agent. We felt at ease in all areas of the transaction.
Jackie and Willie Beasley,

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If you want to find a REALTOR« who meets all the criteria
set forth above, we suggest working with an Exodus Selected Agent

Click here to see what a Selected Agent can offer you!

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